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Showing 2D Sprites

In SceneMax we use sprite-sheets to present sprites on the screen. Sprite-sheets are bitmaps divided to a number of rows and columns yielding a matrix of frames where each frame contains a different part of the whole animation.
For example, the below sprite-sheet contains all the frames needed for a running man animation:

sprite sheet containing a running man animation

As you can see the running man sprite sheet contains 6 columns and 5 rows.
In order to present sprites on the screen we first need to tell the system that we are going to use a given sprite sheet and the amount of rows and columns which it contains. For example:

RunningMan is a Sprite having rows=5 and cols=6

Now we have a RunningMan resource ready to use so the next step is to create a sprite instance of that resource for example:

David is a RunningMan

Let’s run our program. You should see a static running man image on the screen

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