SceneMax 3D Articles

3D Animation Language for Kids

Using SceneMax’s virtual classrooms

Virtual classrooms enables teacher and students to communicate with each other – asking questions, getting help, reviewing and answering other students questions, in real-time. Virtual classroom is very much like a regular classroom where students can raise their hands and ask questions whenever they have problem implementing the studied material. The main difference is that…
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Having fun with loops

Looping is a great way to repeat a series of actions without writing the same commands the same again and again. Let’s say we have a Ninja model: Ninja is a model David is a Ninja And we want it to rotate 45 degrees and then do some back-flipping and Side-kicking David.rotate(y+45) in 0.3 seconds…
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2D Sprite Animation with SceneMax

Sprite Animation Sprite animation is easy and fun with SceneMax. All we need is a image divided to small frames such as this one: Here we have one image divided to 5 rows and 6 columns giving us a total of 30 frames. We call that kind of image a Sprite Sheet. In SceneMax, write…
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Basic 3D Animation with SceneMax language

Animating a 3D model is fairly easy with SceneMax. The language comes with a few built-in models so we can use them for this tutorial. Let’s dive in directly to the actual animation code: Sinbad is a model ; this tells the computer to look for a resource called Sinbad which is a 3D model …
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