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Teaching Children 3D Animation Programming With Collision Detection

“Gamification” is a great technique when teaching coding for kids. In this article I’ll demonstrate how to create a simple 3D animation with collision detection and interaction between two 3D objects in space. Prerequisites: you should have an Android device with SceneMax 3D programming language for kids installed. Let’s start by adding a Sphere on…
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Harnessing Mobile Devices for Teaching Kids Coding

The Importance of Computer Programming In 2014, programming was introduced in English schools for children from the age of five and in 2015, Australia followed by adding coding to the new digital technologies curriculum for children from the age of seven and up. Over in the US, aimed for preparing 750,000 new teachers to…
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Installing SceneMax 3D Animation Programming Language

SceneMax language and development environment can be installed for free from Google’s Play Store. It can run on any Android device running Android version 6 or above. Click on the following link to install the system.

Coding with variables

Using variables in your code is a great way to enhance your animations with ease. a variable has a name and can be either a number or a string and its value can be changed while the program is running. You can refer to a variable from many places in your code. let’s see an…
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Using SceneMax’s virtual classrooms

Virtual classrooms enables teacher and students to communicate with each other – asking questions, getting help, reviewing and answering other students questions, in real-time. Virtual classroom is very much like a regular classroom where students can raise their hands and ask questions whenever they have problem implementing the studied material. The main difference is that…
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Having fun with loops

Looping is a great way to repeat a series of actions without writing the same commands the same again and again. Let’s say we have a Ninja model: Ninja is a model David is a Ninja And we want it to rotate 45 degrees and then do some back-flipping and Side-kicking David.rotate(y+45) in 0.3 seconds…
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2D Sprite Animation with SceneMax

Sprite Animation Sprite animation is easy and fun with SceneMax. All we need is a image divided to small frames such as this one: Here we have one image divided to 5 rows and 6 columns giving us a total of 30 frames. We call that kind of image a Sprite Sheet. In SceneMax, write…
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Basic 3D Animation with SceneMax language

Animating a 3D model is fairly easy with SceneMax. The language comes with a few built-in models so we can use them for this tutorial. Let’s dive in directly to the actual animation code: Sinbad is a model ; this tells the computer to look for a resource called Sinbad which is a 3D model …
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