Using SceneMax’s virtual classrooms

Using SceneMax’s virtual classrooms

Virtual classrooms enables teacher and students to communicate with each other – asking questions, getting help, reviewing and answering other students questions, in real-time.
Virtual classroom is very much like a regular classroom where students can raise their hands and ask questions whenever they have problem implementing the studied material.
The main difference is that by default anyone in the virtual classroom can review and answer questions, taking off some pressure from the teacher.
To start working with virtual classroom you first need to join a classroom.
To do that, press on the classroom menu:

Classroom menu

Type your nick name:

Type nick name

Type the name of the virtual classroom you want to join (use “public-world” if you don’t have a dedicated classroom):

Type room name – default name is “public-world”

Finally, press “JOIN ROOM” button to join.

If everything goes fine, you will go back to the main screen and see an indication about the active classroom and the number of connected classroom members.

Connected classroom and members count

While being connected to a classroom you can ask questions by pressing the “raise hand” button.

Press the “raise hand” button to ask a question

This will send your current script to the classroom members for review. You can also add a question text before sending.

Add question text (optional)

When a question is sent to the room, it is added to the room’s active questions list. There is an indication for the amount of active questions above the “raise hand” button.

Number of active questions

Pressing of the questions icon will show the questions list. Pressing on the icon again will hide that list.

Pressing on a question from the list will show the question’s text and script. Then, you can review, test and send your answer.

Question text and script

The member which opened the question will see an indication that someone has sent an answer for his question.

Fix the script and send your answer

Test the fixed script – see that it runs correctly

When sending the answer, explain how did you fix it

If the questioner chooses to accept the answer it will be removed from the classroom’s active questions list.

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