3D Animation Language for Kids

Teaching 10 years old kids object oriented programming has never been easier

Designed for Kids

Made for elementary school kids from the age of 10 and up. 

100% Mobile

No need for expensive computer class-rooms. SceneMax 3D is 100 percent mobile. Learn everywhere!

Virtual Classes

To make it easier for the teachers, we have created built-in virtual class-rooms support. Got question? just “raise your hand” and someone from your class will get you sorted 

Full feature list

The fast & fun track for becomming a computer programmer


Development is made straight in the children’s own mobile device. No need for dedicated computer class rooms


Written from scratch, SceneMax3D is targetting children from about the age of 10 years old. They will learn object oriented programming with ease & fun 


While being connected to a virtual class room, the student can “raise his hand” asking for help in real-time and anyone in the class-room (either a teacher or another student) will be able to assist from remote


SceneMax animation language supports 3D and 2D animations. It has many built in resources ready for use and open for external resources as well


SceneMax language is hosted in a fully featured development studio running straight in your mobile device – write, save, debug & share animation scripts

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